PeriscopeIQ for Market Insights

PeriscopeIQ’s Market Insights Platform (PeriscopeMI) provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for market research, intelligence and actionable insights.  It combines PeriscopeIQ’s deep online data collection and analysis capabilities with its staff’s thought leadership in statistical sciences and practical applications into a tailored solution.


The PeriscopeIQ Brand Perceptions survey enables your organization to determine if customer perceptions align with company image and marketing efforts.


  • Assess impact of marketing and company messaging efforts
  • Identify competitive advantages and gaps
  • Track key brand funnel metrics such as awareness and consideration
  • Measure the effectiveness of brand positioning


Determining an optimal price point is never easy, but the PeriscopeIQ team can provide detailed pricing guidance using price elasticity testing allowing your organization to maximize sales and profit.


  • Utilize the Van Westendorp price elasticity model
  • Understand how different price points will be perceived
  • Estimate demand based upon specific price points


Whether you are entering a new market or simply looking to better understand existing markets, PeriscopePROFILE segments the target market into key behavioral and demographic driven groups.


  • Optimize marketing personalization to maximize marketing ROI
  • Market sizing of target audience
  • Media usage and behavior profiling for better targeting

Custom Market Research Studies

The PeriscopeIQ team can meet all your customer and market research needs. Our solutions consultants will capture your information needs and develop custom survey solutions to capture insights on your behalf.


  • Product go-to-market testing
  • Market demand testing
  • Advertising recall and message testing
  • Website experience and evaluation

What Clients are Saying

“By utilizing the PeriscopeIQ online survey solution, the project took two weeks from start to finish. A paper-based method would have taken us quite a few months to complete, without the quality of data, response rate and strategic analysis PeriscopeIQ was able to provide. The solution was cost effective and helped us to quickly transform our relationships with our OEMs as well as significantly increase our customer satisfaction.”

Greg Mort
Ingersoll Rand