PeriscopeIQ for Employee Insights

Engage and empower employees to drive competitive business performance

Attracting and retaining the best people is the key to an organization’s success. Organizations are increasingly considering their human resources as one of their most critical assets. PeriscopeIQ’s employee insights solutions helps you leverage your employees’ voices and feedback to improve overall employee experience to reduce turnover, improve culture and increase quality and performance.


The PeriscopeEX survey is designed to keep a pulse on employee sentiment and feedback, delivering actionable insights to leadership.


  • Track and understand what drives employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Assess perceptions of immediate supervisors and leadership teams
  • Measure sentiment around company culture and core values
  • Understand what job aspects are meeting expectations and where improvement is needed
  • Improve retention by closing the loop with unhappy employees
  • Interactive dashboard reporting


Providing a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive environment is a key success factor for all organizations. The PeriscopeDEI survey ensures your organization understands employee sentiment around DEI efforts and provides the insights needed to take action.


  • Track DEI perceptions over time and assess the impact of organization initiatives
  • Early identification of issues and opportunities
  • Close the loop with employees that are not satisfied with DEI efforts
  • Become a DEI champion by showing your employees that you are listening and being responsive to their feedback


The PeriscopeIQ Benefit Ratings and Mix Assessment survey will drive employee performance and retention by determining which benefits are essential to the employee experience.


  • Understand employee satisfaction levels with benefits offered
  • Determine which benefits are essential to the employee experience and which benefits are not adding value
  • Identify which benefits are not being offered currently but are highly desired by employees
  • Measure the level of impact each benefit has on employee retention
  • Track changes over time to understand how benefit value perceptions change

Custom Employee Research Studies

The PeriscopeIQ team has decades of experience conducting employee research and can design a survey solution to meet your research needs.


  • Team meeting/all-staff feedback studies
  • Employee segmentation
  • Policy and communication testing
  • Onboarding experience assessment
  • Training feedback
  • Exit surveys

What Clients are Saying

“PeriscopeIQ really partners with our company. There is a collaborative approach to all of it, from putting the survey together, to the design, to the deployment, to the data analysis, to generating the report, and even afterwards.”

Karen Choi
Senior Vice President
AIM, Associated Industries of Massachusetts