Member & Customer Insights

You know your members and customers. Now transform their experience to deliver business change and market leadership.

Build reliable and valid metrics for all of your member and customer touch points so you can improve engagement, loyalty, acquisition and retention and add value for members and customers.


PeriscopeMX/CX is a leading edge member and customer experience feedback solution that measures every touch point with scientific rigor to deliver actionable intelligence for transforming the way organizations and associations do business.  Scorecards delivered to every level of the organization identify opportunities for operational improvement.  Scorecards distributed to executive levels yield strategic insights.  The on-demand analytical engine harnesses additional insights.  It is the next-generation solution that links member experiences and metrics with business results.

With PeriscopeMX/CX, users can:

  • Determine the effectiveness of your employee/member satisfaction efforts
  • Measure a variety of metrics, including engagement, satisfaction and NPS
  • Understand how sentiment varies across your employee/member base
Key Features:
  • Measure factors important to your members/customers
  • Unlimited data segmentation
  • Highlight points of pleasure and pain
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Measure loyalty