Employee Insights

Engage and empower employees to drive competitive business performance

Attracting and retaining the best people is the key to an organization’s success. Organizations are increasingly considering their human resources as one of their most critical assets.  PeriscopeIQ’s employee insights solutions helps you leverage your employees’ voices and feedback to improve overall employee experience to reduce turnover, improve culture and increase quality and performance.


The first fully integrated employee experience and customer experience solution that highlights direct linkages between employees and customers. By listening to employees an organization can learn what is most valuable to them – for themselves and for the customers.

With PeriscopeENGAGE, users can:

  • Evaluate elements of engagement that best reflect the organization’s culture
  • Weigh engagement factors to reflect their relative importance
  • Compare performance metrics across the organization and against data norms
Key Features:
  • Use values unique to your organization
  • Multi-faceted evaluation elements
  • Importance-weighted metrics
  • Highlight areas for celebration or concern
  • Generate retention indexes
  • Single-number or Top Responses(s) metrics


Our standard performance evaluation tool contains the basic elements of an effective performance management system. It allows both employees and managers to collaborate throughout the performance cycle. It includes performance planning which is goals and competency driven. It is customizable to meet your organization’s specific requirements. It is flexible to allow users to evaluate an employee’s overall performance rating on a quantitative or qualitative basis. And, it includes both employee self-assessment and development modules.

With PeriscopePERFORM users can:

  • Evaluate an unlimited number of employees
  • Facilitate manager- and self-evaluations
  • Deliver insightful results, including suggestions for professional development
Key Features:
  • Individually tailored performance measurement
  • Custom values and measurements
  • Importance-weighted metrics
  • Single-number metrics lend simplicity
  • Highlight areas for celebration or concern
  • Simplify the employee review process


Our breakthrough Periscope360 employee-assessment solution evaluates relationships and provides assessments and ratings of employee competencies through individual feedback.

Periscope360 is designed to handle all types of assessments, including:

  • Competency-based assessments
  • Goals-based assessments
  • Combination assessments
  • User-designed assessments
  • Group or departmental assessments

Periscope360 not only automates relationship and data integrity, but also completely automates analysis and reporting, creating competency maps and offering query capabilities. Whether by job families, departments, strategic business units or enterprise-wide — the entire process is streamlined for ease of administration and is designed to drive your performance management, leadership development and pay-for-performance programs.

With Periscope360, users can:

  • Customize relationships (e.g., Executive, Managerial, Peer, Direct Report, etc.)
  • Weigh measured elements according to their importance to the ratee’s performance
  • Facilitate reviews for an unlimited number of raters and ratees
Key Features:
  • Full function 360 Review System
  • Omni-level relationship structures
  • Unlimited rate/rater capability
  • Confidence screening for data validity
  • Individually tailored
  • Importance weighted