Compensation & Benefits Insights

Align compensation and benefit programs with business strategy

Managing your compensation and benefits strategy is a critical component of your organization’s success.  PeriscopeIQ’s suite of compensation and benefits solutions empowers business leaders and human resources professionals by transforming compensation and benefits data into actionable insights.


PeriscopeIQ’s Compensation On-Demand Analytics (CODA™) platform revolutionizes the collection and real-time cleaning of salary and compensation survey data. With CODA, organizations can reduce their data cleaning from days to minutes, create customizable and easy-to- use reports, and greatly reduce their exposure to risk by ensuring they are compliant with Safe Harbor Provisions applicable to compensation surveys. CODA is the only product available that utilizes proprietary algorithms to keep your organization legally compliant without discarding important data.

With PeriscopeCODA, users can:

  • Create easily accessible, customizable, and accurate compensation reports that contain as much or as little as desired
  • Reduce the time spent on data cleaning from days to minutes
  • Precisely comply with safe harbor provisions of the US Justice Department
Key Features:
  • Advanced analytics and validation
  • Inline data cleaning
  • Data visualization
  • Peer and benchmark groups
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Customizable templates


PeriscopeCOMP is a unique, online compensation survey platform, excellent for aligning compensation strategies with employee expectations and understanding how compensation strategies impact morale, productivity and employee retention. PeriscopeCOMP also includes a process for ensuring the effectiveness of targeted incentives.

With PeriscopeCOMP, users can:

  • Use multiple data collection methods (web forms, file uploads, external data)
  • Collect and report compensation and benefits practice information
  • Determine the perceived value of pay and benefits
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive pay & benefits
  • Advanced survey logic
  • Sophisticated data validation
  • Fully featured benefits reporting
  • Direct integration with CODA
  • Extensive reports for external analysis


PeriscopePAY allows users to generate a detailed compensation report based on a personalized filter for a specific job title and geographic location.

With PeriscopePAY, users can:

  • Quickly and easily determine market pay ranges
  • Create reports for customized positions
  • Drastically reduce the time required to determine appropriate pay rates for hiring proposals
Key Features:
  • Blend survey jobs to match your jobs
  • Ascertain market ranges and percentiles
  • Determine competitive pay rates
  • Quickly prepare hiring proposals


PeriscopeUSER provides convenient and easy-to-use online analysis for users, allowing them to filter their search to more closely match a user’s situation/scenario (e.g., large companies in a specific geographic area)

With PeriscopeUSER, users can:

  • Access comprehensive market pay reports from anywhere
  • Easily find jobs of interest
  • Tailor reports to match your company’s characteristics
Key Features:
  • Convenient online analysis for survey users
  • Sophisticated job search function
  • Single and multi-cut selection
  • Top-line job family reports
  • Richly detailed individual reports
  • Project data to future dates